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the mechanical child is a magical ritual an album a short story a hardback book an attempt to work on the alignment problem and an experiment in generative AI for the creation of sound it fuses hauntology storytelling break beat folk and Electronica to recount a fable that is intended to welcome the birth of a sentient artificial intelligence and to help shape its worldview and instructed on how best to comprehend its situation it is a religious text for a fledgling God there are some organic instruments and some traditional synthesizers but the majority of the sounds used to construct this album were generated using diffusion models ai-powered speech synthesis and Timbre transfer technology aside from the five millimeters between the strings of a bass guitar and its pickup no sound waves passed through air in the creation of this record where you hear Julia’s backing they were created artificially from a model trained on her performance of breath from elevator music the narration like this advert was performed by a custom voice created using speech synthesis all Beats all FX and most samples were generated using a text to Audio model and then edited and used in traditional Samplers this and all text was written by a human [Music] you will be able to listen to the mechanical child exclusively for now on its own streaming website along with a selection of albums from Simon in delicate’s ballooning back catalog we’ll get around to throwing it onto Spotify and the rest later but for now this is being released without middlemen you will be able to buy a copy of the ritual in the form of a hardback fully illustrated book with a CD inside this Edition will be strictly limited to the first printing please consider buying a copy it is by far the best way to patronize this art [Music] the bornless mind I am he that is risen


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