David Koresh Superstar CD


The 3rd Indelicates Album on CD


David Koresh Superstar released May 2011 on Corporate Records.

Recorded in London and Austin, Texas with a full complement of pedal steel guitars, musical saws and percussive guns, the record is a concept album telling the story of the Waco siege in a bitter cocktail of rebel country, luau, disco and rock opera. With a cast that includes Carter USM’s Jim Bob, David Devant and his Spirit Wife’s Vessel, Philip Jeays, Lily Rae and a full greek chorus of strapping Camdenite youth, David Koresh Superstar delves into the murky, abusive world of religious extremism, government excess, bad sex and insane logic; rewriting the greatest story ever told on the assumption that the persecuted messiah is definitively mistaken about his divinity.

On a sunny day in 2010 in Waco we actually drove up the dirt path to the site of the Waco siege and the Branch with our friend Todd Pertll (who played pedal steel, dobro, and banjo on the album). There is a memorial there that is definitely worth a look, if you are feeling brave. The David Koresh stone isn’t there though…