Arcadia Park – Overstock CD (un-numbered)


Arcadia Park on CD + Bonus content and Extras

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For those who missed out on the collectible numbered CDs, last chance to buy one of our overstock copies. You’ll still get the downloads and stuff, but we can’t sign it.

Package includes:
Arcadia Park on CD
Digital download available right now!
Bonus, paying listener exclusive digital bonus tracks delivered to you once the album is officially released
Bonus early access download of my new space bachelor ultralounge EP – “Starfield Lounge” – also available right now!
A bunch of genuine Arcadia Park ride tickets
Eventual Access to a lengthy – even tedious – process video in which Simon explains what he’s playing at

All this will be sent to you as soon as it’s ready – probably about a month – barring disasters, definitely before Christmas.

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